Joe Meyer, MN Beekeeper

Joe Meyer, MN Beekeeper

Four Seasons Apiaries, LLC is a year-round, non-migratory Minnesota beekeeping operation run by me, Joe Meyer. I am committed to improving management practices in the Upper Midwest and advocating for regional bee breeding. I selectively breed honey bees from colonies overwintered in Minnesota to propagating traits suited for our region.

4SA was founded to produce bees that are productive and healthy with minimal beekeeper intervention.

One of the mating yard where over 150 queens will take to the skies each season.

One of the mating yard where over 150 queens will take to the skies each season.

The Apiaries

4SA’s bee yards are scattered around Central Minnesota. They are located as far south as Waconia and as far north as my hometown of St. Joseph. Most queen rearing and mating yards are 30 minutes west of the metro near Long Lake, MN.

A Bit of History

I began keeping bees as an ambitious 16 year-old. About ten years later, I seized an opportunity to assist with the management of research colonies at the University of Minnesota Bee Lab. I was introduced to Yuuki Metreaud by Dr. Marla Spivak. We quickly became friends, and together we founded Four Seasons Apiaries, LLC in October of 2013.

Yuuki and I pooled our colonies, equipment, knowledge, and start-up capital and got to work evaluating hives and raising queens. In September of 2015, we amicably split the business and continued our own beekeeping ventures.

Today, Four Seasons Apiaries continues to collaborate with Yuuki. Him and his wife, Meghan, have started their own business, Boreal Apiaries, LLC. The two businesses’ efforts are an example of what is needed to develop and maintain a local bee stock. For more information about Boreal Apiaries, check them out on the Northern Bee Network, or contact them at borealapiaries@gmail.com.


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