Structural Removal

 We remove colonies that have built honeycomb in unwanted places such as house walls, eaves, garages, trees, etc.

The pictures below are from removals we did last year. Yuuki is an experienced remodel carpenter and has extensive knowledge of residential structures. We take precautions to do minimal damage to your home when accessing the colony which lowers the cost of repairs.

The residue and scent of a removed colony can draw future swarms to the same cavity. When we do the rebuild we take precautions that drastically reduce the chance of honey bees re-inhabiting the same location.

Please do not attempt to use insecticides at the entrance! They rarely work since they do not contact the nest itself. Even if the bees are killed, the comb and dead bees still must be removed to prevent further damage to your home.

Email a picture and contact information to to receive an estimate.

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